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Advancing Democracy and Preventing Political and Religious Manipulations,
Preventing Violence and
Solving unsolved mysteries with Rational Skepticism not Pseudo-Skepticism

Violence can be prevented

The most effective solutions are almost never the most dramatic.
They are usually the ones that are thought through in the most rational manner.

Indoctrination Tactics and Educational Alternatives
"If you can get a man to reverence your ideals, he's your slave."
Mark Twain: American Claiment

Whenever the truth is distorted or exaggerated people make decisions based on false facts and bad things are bound to happen especially if they are important decisions
How Indoctrination Tactics Threaten Democracy
So you think you can tell Heaven From Hell
The Good God from the Devil.

Indoctrination Tactics are used to enslave the mind and turn the public into virtual slaves. People choose their goals and methods to accomplish goals based on their perception of reality or ideology often religions which are ideologies based on the worship of God(s). Organizations that attempt to use indoctrination tactics to completely control ideologies qualify as cults even if they don't completely succeed. This definition does not limit cults to religion it could include fiscal ideologies like capitalism or communism.. By not providing a clear definition to these ideologies and presenting it to the public in an effective manor that should qualify as a cult. Even if you don't agree with this definition of a cult if the indoctrination tactics are accurate they should be taken into consideration.

The biggest difference between Indoctrination tactics and education is that Indoctrination dictates the truth without any scrutiny. Indoctrination doesn't involve an attempt to figure out what is true or confirm it there are no checks and balences with Indoctrination. Education does involve an effort to figure out what is true and to confirm it. Education encourages people to understand the process of figuring out the truth so that people are not totally dependant on their leaders.....

If The Public Doesn't Know What Is Going On It Isn't Democracy

Democracy has turned into a sham. It is supposed to be By the people for the people and of the people but unless the people understand how it works they won't know how to vote intelligently.

What is the best way to put control of the interview process into the publics hands?

What is the best way to teach the public so that they know how to control the interview process?

Should we allow candidates name to be put on the ballot if they refuse to participate in an interview process controlled by the public?

Should candidates that refuse to tell the public their intentions be elected?

Should the corporations have total control over the interview process?
If they do is it still a democracy?

The fact that the corporate media currently has the power to drown out candidates they don't like clearly implies we need media reform too.

The media is controled by a very small percentage of the public. Their idea of allowing the public to influence the news involves letting the public write letters that the media can ignore if they want....

Over One Hundred and Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

The ancients around the world created an enormous amount of spectacular structures that can't be fully explained by modern historians and scientists..

They created many wonders that modern technology would have a difficult time relpicating. In many cases modern technology can't recreate them at all. How were these structures built? How did they move colossal stones upto 1,000 tons? How did they carve colossal statues out of cliffsides without dynimite, drills, jackhammers etc.? Did the ancients have technology that was lost and still has yet to be found? Does this raise doubts about the social evolution of ancient civilizations?
In order to figure out what happened in the past it would help to present this information in as organized a manor as possible. I know there are experts more informed about archeology than me and with better organizational skills; However they aren't presenting this information to the public in the most effective manor possible. In many cases simply organizing the facts and checking simple math raises doubts about the oficial explanation for sites like Egypt, Baalbek, Angkor Wat and Thom, Teohuanico etc.
I have listed well over 107 ancient wonders of the world as well as a few more modern wonders to compare them.....

Mystics and Miracles

Mystics are mysterious people who have supernatural powers either that or they have the ability to convince others they have supernatural powers perhaps with the help of their followers.

Majic is a trick slight of hand or science that the audiance doesn't understand. It may appear to be the ability to do the imposible but if they realy can do the impossible they are proving that something realy is possible and that previous assumption about what is possible are wrong. For example fliying an airplane was once considered impossible. The Wright brothers proved that assumption to be false.

Information on this page is based partialy on myths that can't be conclusively confirmed. There has been an effort to confuse the issue about these subjects and that effort has been successful. Therefore the best you can reasonably hope to do is develop a leading theory of what the truth is. This theory probably will remain inconclusive.

The Mystics or miracles on this page have been atributed to God. If they have been influenced by an advanced intelligence called God this was done in mysterious or secretive ways. These miracles or mystics were used to awe and amaze people more than to provide any practical benifits. These mystics and miracles have been used to promote superstitions even if there is something to the miracles they didn't provide as much benifit if any as they made it seem. If these mystics were being influenced by an advanced intelligence and it was a benevelant intelligence then it wouldn't act in mysterious ways and allow miracles to be used to promote superstitions that do more harm than the alledged miricles do good assuming they're real.

Some of these stories seem very compelling. This may mean there is something mysterious going on. After looking at archeological evidence presented on the 107 wonders of the ancient world page I have begun considering the possibility that there is an unknown advanced intelligence that has been periodically influencing the human race for some time. Whether or not this intelligence has been influencing these mystics or not is speculation but they do provide a compelling story and there has to be some explanation for it....

Lessons from History
Jim Jones hung a sign over his stage in Giuana that said "Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it."
"To study history means to search for and discover the forces that are the causes of those results which appear before our eyes as historical events. The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential." Adolf Hitler

In both cases the "lesson from history" was controlled by cult leaders and the results were disasterous.
If rational people don't try to do a better job the next cult leader just might do it again!

In order to learn from history you must first have an accurate record of history. Since most of history was recorded by biased people we don't have that so you have to settle for the closest version available.

If your going to learn from history it will help to remember trial and error principles that are often taken for granted. try acomplishing your goal two or more ways then choose the way that works best. for example: one day you may decide you want know if you can improve your day by banging your head against the wall. When it doesn't work you don't do it again. If that sounds stupid keep in mind its better than doing it again. Now consider past experiments with war. Society just keeps doing it over and over again. Not only is that stupid but it is insane.

When learning from history it will help if you take three step:
1. Recognize the problem exists. many problems are ignored until it is to late like insufficient flood control in New Orleans many experts knew it existed but the public ignored it until it was to late.
2. find the cause of the problems
3. correct the cause of the problems

Simple right then why doesn't Society solve most of it's problems??

Alright in some cases it is more complicated but not always much more complicated....

Censorship Excuses
Copyright Laws
Culture of Deception

Should the public be allowed to know the real reasons for War??

Should the public be allowed to know how much damage is really being done to the envirnment?

Should the public be allowed to know about deffective products that are dangerous?

Sould the public be allowed to know more about preventive medicine?

Should the public be allowed to know where the candidates stand on the issues?

How many times do you hear the candidates say they are going to talk about the issues?

How many times do you actually hear them talk about the issues instead of just saying they are going to talk about the issues??

Withholding information from the public that they need to make rational decisions and vote for qualified candidates is a threat to Democracy no matter what the reason. Whether it is copyright laws, Indoctrination Tactics, Security reasons corporate secrecy or any other reason. If there is a good reason it should be clearly defined. If there is an enormous amount of evidence that the excuse for secrecy is being abused then a good hard look at the excuse is in order.

One of the most effective ways of keeping the public in the dark isn't a blatent obvious conspiracy but incompetence and lack of organization....

If we Have the right to free speech why aren't some of the most important messages getting out?

There is a common saying that says "I may not agree with what you say but I'll fight for your right to say it." The implication of this commendable saying is that the right to free speech should be protected so that all ideas have a chance to get out. Standing up for free speech is of course a good idea but if everyone shouts at once no one will be heard. A better effort needs to be made to stand up for Intelligent and accurate ideas that adress the most important issues that effect people.

Here are a few ideas that are not getting sufficient attention:

Democracy is a Government for the people of the people and by the people but if people don't know how it works it can't really be "for the people of the people and by the people". The quality of democracy is directly related to the quality of education. In order to make rational decisions people need to understand the basics fo subjects that affect them. Until that does happen the polititians will almost certainly continue catering to corrupt narrow special interests.

Elections should be controlled by the people not the leaders....

What Religious people really Worship intentional or not.

Religious people worship God and their own religion.
Religions often prop up Tyrants as a result of religious worship therefore intentionally or not the faithful worship Tyranny
Religions often inspire Holy Wars, Crusades or Jihads therefore intentionally or not the faithful worship War.
Religions often inspire Heresy trials therefore intentionally or not the faithful worship Thought control.
Religions often dictate the truth without allowing rational scrutiny therefore intentionally or not the faithful worship the enslavement of thier own minds.
"Modern Morerate" religious people often say that is not what religion is really about but throughout most of history and for many less moderate religious people that is not true. By adding their support to religion without sufficiantly attempting to correct past mistakes they add credibility to God and religion and the idea that Religious Faith should be as important as reason when it comes to deciding what is true. These "Modern Morerate religious people" may not be as dangerous as the more fanatical religious people but indirectlly they stand in the ways of progress in more insidious ways.
Religions often use censorship to protect their faith therefore intentionally or not the faithful worship ignorence of inconveniant facts....

If there really is an Advanced Intelligence Called God what is he really like?

First of all if he was a Good God he would not inspire religion and stand by silently while they spend thousands of years committing atrocities in his name.
Instead he would open up an honest line of communication and teach people to figure out what is in their own best interest and do it.
Therefore we have sufficiant information to know that there are no Good Gods only Good Dogs.
I'm a Believer in things that are backed up by facts.
Society is divided over religous beliefs..
All religions claim that God rules.
All religions claim that God inspired their religion which created the divisions.
If these religions are right then God is inspiring religions that create divisions and keep people under his rule.
This is the definition of divide and rule tactics used by Tyrants not benevolent leaders.
Sometimes there just aint no good way to say something so...
If God inspired religion and encouraged religious leaders to use indoctrination tactics to enslave the minds of cult followers then indirectly God is using indoctrination tactics to enslave the minds of cult followers. Therefore God is a Cult leader.
If part of the inspiration God provided included multiple contridictory creation stories then God is a Con Artist. This also fits with being a cult leader. This would mean that God used sophisticated methods to arrange for others to give him credit for creating the world whether he actually created it or not. This was later changed to creating an entire universe. If God didn't establish and maintain an open honest line of comunication any messages alledgedly coming from him should be subject to confirmation. You can't earn trust without comunicating. Instead of earning trust God arranged for religious leaders to use indoctrination tactics to obtain trust in his name assuming he did inspire religion....

Seven easy steps to create a theory for everything

1. Create list of all scientific fields of study
2. Create list of all basic principles of each subject
3. Cross check all basic principles to make sure there are no contradictions
4. Create list of all intermediate principles of each subject
5. Cross check all intermediate principles to make sure there are no contradictions
6. Create list of all advanced principles of each subject
7. Cross check all advanced principles to make sure there are no contradictions
OK maybe it's not quite so easy however it will be a lot easier to do it this way than to do it in an unorganized way....

God said to Abraham
"I give you free will on two conditions you must worship me and you're only allowed to use your free will the way I tell you to.
Under no circumstances are you allowed to consider the possibility that this might be a contridiction!!!"
Abe said
"Man you must be putting me on."
God Said
"Abe you can do what you want but next time you see me coming you better run"
Book of Dylan Verse:61

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