If we have the right to free speech why aren't some of the most important messages getting out?

There is a common saying that says "I may not agree with what you say but I'll fight for your right to say it." The implication of this commendable saying is that the right to free speech should be protected so that all ideas have a chance to get out. Standing up for free speech is of course a good idea but if everyone shouts at once no one will be heard. A better effort needs to be made to stand up for Intelligent and accurate ideas that address the most important issues that effect people.

Here are a few ideas that are not getting sufficient attention:

Democracy is a Government for the people of the people and by the people but if people don't know how it works it can't really be "for the people of the people and by the people". The quality of democracy is directly related to the quality of education. In order to make rational decisions people need to understand the basics for subjects that affect them. Until that does happen the politicians will almost certainly continue catering to corrupt narrow special interests.

Elections should be controlled by the people not the leaders. This is easier said than done but if we don't try (over and over again if necessary) we won't succeed. Vote smart.org could be a big step in the right direction. Small towns could set up interviews for their local politicians conducted by the public with a few elected moderators. This could set an example that could be used for bigger interview systems that could eventually include elections for president. Instead of negotiating with other candidates and the media to decide how many debates to have the public could choose and if the candidates don't want to show up for the job interview they won't be hired.

The Environment needs to be protected since we are all dependant on it for survival. There is to much contradictory information being promoted by the media. The result is that no one knows what to believe and little if anything gets done. If people understood the basic simple things better they would be less likely to take the environment for granted. The greatest environmental focus right now is on Global warming. This is one of the more confusing issues that people don't understand. To make it easier to understand they could provide an organized list of disasters and figure out weather or not they are increasing. If the temperature is changing they can make a list of temperature changes. Long studies should always require a summation and an explanation as to how it is organized so that people can check it and understand it easier. Without any study at all I know that there is a lot less snow in New England than there was thirty years ago.

A list of Simple things to protect the environment could be made Starting with insulating your house. Reducing consumerism will help in many cases this may not even decrease the quality of your life at all but it may improve it. Advertisers are always trying to convince you that you need things weather you do or not. one of the biggest examples is the large number of exercise equipment being used to hang cloths. If you need a cloths rack buy that instead of exercise equipment. If you want exercise run to work and stop using elevators.

The purpose of the economy is to improve the quality of life if something doesn't improve the quality of your life don't buy it.

Illegal Aliens committed the crime of being born in the wrong country.

Organized Gambling would go bankrupt if they didn't fix the odds in their favor.

Organized Gambling would go bankrupt if the public was constantly reminded that the odds are fixed instead of being constantly told they can win! The more you play the more likely you are to win! The more you play the more you lose!

Health Care Costs can be reduced dramatically by increasing preventive medicine!!

A God that inspires wars is not doing a good job teaching morality.

A God that inspires religions that use indoctrination tactics in his name to teach many versions of "divine truth" is not doing a good job earning trust or teaching truth.

If God inspired religion he should be held accountable for religion.

"Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told no matter what is right." Larry Mundinger, 1999
Religion is also believing you are always right.

Accurate Principles stand on their own merit they shouldn't belong to any individual or God.

Whenever the truth is distorted or exaggerated people make decisions based on false facts and bad things are bound to happen especially if they are important decisions

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